It’s been so long…

Well this year has flown by so quickly. The year has been really busy for me so far. It’s been another year where I felt Lost as an Artist, thinking “What am I even doing?” but then I bought some Pink Liquid Watercolour and everything got better. I looked through old Artwork, and kind of missed the Gobbier girls and the sketchier look. So I’ve gone back and picked out aspects of what I used to do, and I’m bringing them back. Although, since my revelation, I’ve been busy with commissions and other jobs that needed to be done first, so I haven’t had time to explore a lot of my new ideas… however I have a buzzing sketchbook. I have big plans for new ranges of products that go along side my Artwork. I will put together another post with some of my new images.

Recently I worked on some stage Lotuses for the gorgeous ‘The Joy Formidable‘ a Welsh band that recently toured with the Foo fighters. I’ve also been working on a selection of handmade bears for their album launch. They’ve been really lovely to me and asked me to make these things for them. You should check out their new album! I’ll write seperate post about the ‘JoyFormidabears’.




Submit your questions…

Twinkle & Gloom would love to put together Q&A, please feel free to submit any questions you’d like to ask.  I’ll also include questions that people have often asked me through the years.


Inky work


In the past week I have felt so inspired with the new direction Twinkle & Gloom is moving in. The rules I’ve given myself to work with have opened up new ideas. In the past I have dismissed my sketchier and more naive little girls as sketches alone, but now I’ve decided that their sweet nature should be celebrated. Flitting from my scribbly girls, and my more traditional girls is keeping me excited. Some ideas I’ve struggled with bringing to life are working really well with my new method. Here are just a small selection of the illustrations I’ve created in the past few days.

I have more completed images to show you, but they haven’t been uploaded onto social media yet, so please do check my Facebook/ Instagram.