Death and Superstition

For a while now I’ve been thinking up ideas for how I could approach a new series of images, yesterday it finally started. Sometimes I get an idea for a new series but it never quite happens, I’m going to make this one happen.

The series will follow the theme of Superstitions surrounding death. They’re not going to be morbid, they’re meant to make you giggle. This is where it began:

My nain hated Robins (the birds)- she cringed every time someone send her a card with a Robin on it for Christmas. I never understood her dislike of Robins but recently learnt her reasons. There is a superstition that connects Robins to death, the birds themselves aren’t malicious, but if they fly into your home, they have come to tell you death is coming soon. Not long before my lovely Taid passed away, a Robin did in fact come into his house and my uncle had to chase it out. Peculiar, isn’t it?

From then I had been reading a little bit into other superstitions, and some are quite bizarre and worthy of creating Art of.

So, here’s number one in the series:

If you drop an Umbrella, there will be a Murder in your home.