Three social media days…

Hello. I thought I’d start blogging again with Three of my ‘interesting’ Social media posts. As you may have read a few days ago, I plan on making more of an effort with my social media posts as when I looked back on the pages they looked really cluttered. I will now aim to post one post a day (unless I need to promote something on the same day, then I’ll aim for two).  The posts will be either my Artwork, or on a quiet day, an interesting thing.

The following images are interesting things and work in progress. Lets begin with Tea.

Tea is very important in my life, it is my beverage of choice. I remember someone once saying to me that they could picture me at exhibition openings drinking Tea as apposed to Wine, and that would be very true. The idea of tea is just lovely, Tea comes in elegant cups. The word looks nice. You have a cup of tea when you are stressed, or even when you aren’t. Sometimes we are mean to Tea and we take it for granted, we don’t always finish the cup. I use old tea cups as rinsing water for my paint brushes.

Nain a Taid. I miss both of them very much but I do find it comforting to know they are together again. We only lost taid last year, just before Christmas. It’s been a very strange and sad time although we are all trying to carry on with life as normal as possible. I have fond memories of both, my taid was always supportive of my career choice, he’s always ask how it was going but I know he probably did wish I’d get a proper job. When I was a little girl my nain taught me to draw ‘busty’ ladies, it started with a heart shaped middle and you worked the rest of the lady around the heart.

Work in progress. Every now and again I do like to re create older pieces to improve on them. I’ve created a similar image to this girl before but my style has developed since then. She is going to be part of my ‘Real women have curves, the rest of us are fiction’ series. I’ve finished the base image but I need to paint on writing to her now. You can see the completed image soon.

Thanks for reading. I think perhaps adding my social media posts to the blog every three to four days will be the tidiest option.

Also in Twinkle & Gloom news:

  • You can find out about my new stockists over at
  • There is currently 10% off my Folksy items with the code EASTER10 link
  • I will be attending the Marchnad Mynydd at Mynydd Llandegai, Gwynedd on the 26th of March.



Lovely new prints

This is just a quick post to let you know that there are new Twinkle and Gloom prints available on my Folksy shop.

The prints come in Two sizes, standard and tiny.

The tiny prints are a tiny £4.00 and the standard are £7.00, this year, after some advice, I’ve had to put up the prices of my new stock in order to make sure Im making a fair profit after commission fees of the new places I stock. I always aim to have fair prices for people with various budgets so I’ve made sure I have something for the ‘under £5 and under £10’ budgets. There are also mounts custom cut to fit my prints available.

Here are some of the prints, available here Folksy



Jewellery- What’s new?

The illustrations are drawn onto Shrink Plastic before being painted by hand. The backing has been coated in Varnish to seal the image. The nature of the shrinking process means occasionally there are tiny imperfections on the surface but I will not sell anything that doesn't look good as a final product.

Happy Monday Morning,

Here’s a little update on the kind of Jewellery I have available at the moment. In the range there are little Miserable girls- ‘Mehh’ and ‘Blahh’, and Goff girl ofcorse. I also have lots of little bear, and Weird Kitty products, Some in Party hats, some not- these are available as brooches, earrings, hair clips and necklaces. My most popular design has been the little ‘Don’t speak to me I’m shy’ brooches, this is a concept I want to expand on for all fellow shy folks. Another new little range on the go are tongue in cheek slogan pieces using Letraset fonts as the basis, the image below features the necklace ‘2Good4You’.

Please remember, all my Jewellery is hand drawn, shrink and painted. Although every piece is made using a template of my own drawings- each one have their differences as each one truly is hand drawn.

There’s something for every budget.

//Link to shop