Taika Waititi doodles// favourite films.

Hello there.

This is just a quick post in order to share a little Taika Waititi tribute. These are just doodles really, nothing spectacular but just something fun to pass some time whilst being creative.

It was only earlier this year that I discovered the work of Taika Waititi, yes I know, as always I’m late to the party. It was through Netflix that I first saw ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ and fell in love. It was the perfect film, it ticked every box. It really didn’t take long before I could absolutely say that Waititi was my favourite film maker. I quickly hunted down his other three features and have been watching them repeatedly ever since. I can usually find faults in films, even ones I love, but not these films. They are perfect from start to finish.

There is so much heart in all of them. I think for me what really hits hard for me when I watch them is that each one deals with death in some form, and it’s something I’ve been dealing with myself in the last year and a half. Boy, Eagle vs Shark and Hunt for the Wilderpeople each make me shed a tear, every time. Truly beautiful films, filled with creativity. They are so refreshing. I hear he’s directing the new Thor film, and all the best to him… but what I’m really looking forward to is his next small budget project.

Here’s the doodles. I really like the Wilderpeople segment of it.