Jónsi doodles, and seeing Sigur Rós live.

I don’t often post twice in one day, I don’t often post full stop. At the moment I’m counting down the days until I see my favourite band, Sigur Rós play live (they’re now at equal level with my first love The Smiths). I was a little late to the party, but ever since I was introduced to them they’ve been played endlessly, they came to me at the time I probably needed them the most, when my Taid’s well being started to deteriorate. They’ve been with me through some sad times but have filled my heart with all kinds of emotions along that way. Jónsi’s voice in particular has the most powerful effect on me, his voice alone makes me weep, in a nice way.

So, anyway. I often binge on their music when I’m working in the studio and often get the impulse to draw something related to them. I always find myself doodling Jónsi, partly I think because it was his solo music that introduced me to the band, and also because he reminds me of Peter Pan.

Here’s my latest, and my most successful doodle. Clearly, it’s if Jónsi was from my Twinkle & Gloom world.

Oh… and only 129 days to go.

jonsi doodle.jpg