‘Golwg’ Welsh magazine

This week you can find Twinkle & Gloom on the cover of Welsh magazine ‘Golwg’. I also have an interview in the magazine where I talk about the colour Pink, The Spice Girls, The Smiths and being morbid.

twinkle and gloom golwg.jpg


Galeri, Caernarfon. Mermaids and Tea.

From March the 25th, until May, you’ll be able to find Twinkle & Gloom up on the walls in Galeri, Caernarfon.

My little show features framed pieces themed on Tea and Girl Power, and there’s a washing line of work that grows though the exhibition period. The Washing line will have drawings added to it as time goes on, themed on Mermaids and Tea- ‘Tea in the Sea’.





BBC Cymru Fyw- interview (Ateb y Galw) English Translation.

Hey there!

I recently took part in ‘Ateb y Galw’ for the BBC Cymru Fyw website, after being nominated by Rhydian from The Joy Formidable. You can read it in Welsh here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cymrufyw/45786372#

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.28.12.png

Here’s a rough English translation for those who would like to read it, but can’t speak Welsh. 🙂

What’s your first memory?

I’m not completely sure, but one thing I do remember doing is putting little dollies in empty Dominoes boxes (like a coffin) at my Nain and Taid’s house. My Nain always said I was morbid.

Who did you fancy when you where younger?

Ted, from the films Bill & Ted.

Most embarrassing memory?

Miming choir singing in a school play.

Last time you cried?

Don’t laugh, but at an exhibition about The Spice Girls.

Any bad habits?

I’m sure I have, but can’t think of any right now.

Favourite place in Wales, and why?

I like home, the Bethesda area is beautiful. I also like the Denbigh Moors, it’s a spooky place.

Best night of your life?

It’s between seeing The League of Gentlemen live, and seeing Sigur Ròs live.

Describe yourself in three words..

Quiet, Morbid and girlie.

What’s your favourite book or film?

New Zeland film, Eagle vs Shark. It’s sort of a Nerdy Rom-Com, with really dry humour. I really like it because of the lead female character, she’s completely different to the average Hollywood lead female. She’s the character that’s usually the friend of the lead. I identify with her completely.

Alive or dead, who would you have a drink with and why?
This one is really hard, but I’m going to say have a cup of tea with Harry Hill, because I’ve been watching a lot of his programmes recently and his humour really tickles me.

Say something about yourself that not a lot of people know…

I’ve never drank a cup of coffee.

Last day on the planet, what would you do?

Cuppa Tea and a slice of cake, of corse!

Favourite song, and why?

Toughie, but I’m going to choose ‘Unlovable‘ by The Smiths because of the line “If I seem a little strange well that’s because I am“. It’s a funny little song.

First course, Main course and pudding, what would you choose?

Chilli bean soup, Chicken curry from the Bethesda Takeaway and Chocolate cake with double cream.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would he or she be?

Lana Del Rey because she’s a Goddess.



It’s been so long…

Well this year has flown by so quickly. The year has been really busy for me so far. It’s been another year where I felt Lost as an Artist, thinking “What am I even doing?” but then I bought some Pink Liquid Watercolour and everything got better. I looked through old Artwork, and kind of missed the Gobbier girls and the sketchier look. So I’ve gone back and picked out aspects of what I used to do, and I’m bringing them back. Although, since my revelation, I’ve been busy with commissions and other jobs that needed to be done first, so I haven’t had time to explore a lot of my new ideas… however I have a buzzing sketchbook. I have big plans for new ranges of products that go along side my Artwork. I will put together another post with some of my new images.

Recently I worked on some stage Lotuses for the gorgeous ‘The Joy Formidable‘ a Welsh band that recently toured with the Foo fighters. I’ve also been working on a selection of handmade bears for their album launch. They’ve been really lovely to me and asked me to make these things for them. You should check out their new album! I’ll write seperate post about the ‘JoyFormidabears’.



My Studio in the sun

My studio has been extra organized this year. It’s been really nice to have the studio ready for action every day. I can sit down, put on some ‘The Smiths’ or some ‘Sigur Ros’ and get started right away.

Over the last few years the studio wasn’t quite working for me. I was stuck in my ways of where everything was kept because it was aesthetically pleasing (and under the desks were packed with hoardings) but I never had any space to sit down and draw. This would make my back ache after every session. Now, I have a desk I can sit at, and draw all day without any back pain.

In the photo below you’ll see a letter Reece Shearsmith kindly wrote to me after I sent him some Prints, and some drawings to sign. It keeps me going when I feel like giving up. It can be difficult in the creative field, one day you feel confident in your work, but the next you feel hopeless. Inspiration can be a fickle thing. So a nice little note from one of my all time creative heroes gives me a boost when I’m feeling glum.

Around me are my working tools, my mountains of tester paints and a collection of odds and ends. I have weird little dolls, Vintage cameras, tea cups and pots, Vintage tins and all sorts of other bits and bobs. One of my most precious items in the studio is my Taid’s shaving cabinet. It sits above my sewing machine. It was just one of those things I couldn’t part with, having looked into that mirror since my childhood. Now it helps me out in the studio.

I love working in my lovely studio.


From work in progress to Final pieces

Here’s the next batch of Social Media round ups!

The theme of the last few days seems to have been Work in Progress to Final pieces, so here I’ll give you a little bit more insight on the pieces.

Lets begin with ‘Blydi bwrw eto ye’. This piece is based on the stereotypical view that it’s always raining in Wales. Ironically I finished this piece on a beautiful sunny day. This is the piece I decided to enter into the Storiel Open Exhibition this year, I’ll let you know if it’s accepted.

blydi bwrwBWRWGLAW

There’s a project I started a long time ago titled ‘Too Much Tea’- if you’ve watched my S4C interview you’ll have seen me talk about it. This project was left to collect dust for a while but I’ve missed it ever so much. Recently I’ve been thinking about it a lot and decided it was time to re visit it. The project is inspired by the tales of horror such as if you swallow an apple pip a tree will grow inside you, I thought about it in terms of Tea and came to the conclusion that if you drink too much, you must turn into it! The series is a mix of whimsical and gruesome images. Here’s a little bit of work in progress with one of the final images, the second image is available to view on Facebook tomorrow evening.

Three social media days…

Hello. I thought I’d start blogging again with Three of my ‘interesting’ Social media posts. As you may have read a few days ago, I plan on making more of an effort with my social media posts as when I looked back on the pages they looked really cluttered. I will now aim to post one post a day (unless I need to promote something on the same day, then I’ll aim for two).  The posts will be either my Artwork, or on a quiet day, an interesting thing.

The following images are interesting things and work in progress. Lets begin with Tea.

Tea is very important in my life, it is my beverage of choice. I remember someone once saying to me that they could picture me at exhibition openings drinking Tea as apposed to Wine, and that would be very true. The idea of tea is just lovely, Tea comes in elegant cups. The word looks nice. You have a cup of tea when you are stressed, or even when you aren’t. Sometimes we are mean to Tea and we take it for granted, we don’t always finish the cup. I use old tea cups as rinsing water for my paint brushes.

Nain a Taid. I miss both of them very much but I do find it comforting to know they are together again. We only lost taid last year, just before Christmas. It’s been a very strange and sad time although we are all trying to carry on with life as normal as possible. I have fond memories of both, my taid was always supportive of my career choice, he’s always ask how it was going but I know he probably did wish I’d get a proper job. When I was a little girl my nain taught me to draw ‘busty’ ladies, it started with a heart shaped middle and you worked the rest of the lady around the heart.

Work in progress. Every now and again I do like to re create older pieces to improve on them. I’ve created a similar image to this girl before but my style has developed since then. She is going to be part of my ‘Real women have curves, the rest of us are fiction’ series. I’ve finished the base image but I need to paint on writing to her now. You can see the completed image soon.

Thanks for reading. I think perhaps adding my social media posts to the blog every three to four days will be the tidiest option.

Also in Twinkle & Gloom news:

  • You can find out about my new stockists over at www.twinkleandgloom.com
  • There is currently 10% off my Folksy items with the code EASTER10 link
  • I will be attending the Marchnad Mynydd at Mynydd Llandegai, Gwynedd on the 26th of March.