New year, New workspace

My studio was hand built by my dad and I. It’s in my parents garden, and I share it with him. As time goes on, as my style evolves and my methods change, my half of the studio often needs a re shuffle to make it easier to work in. Over time this has included adding extension upon extension on my desk… which also means there’s space to hoard under the desks. Unfortunately, getting in there last week showed me that my workspace had become dysfunctional and it was a task to juggle things around in order to create my work… so a change was needed.

10.30pm/11pm Friday night my brain started kicking in and the brainwaves began. Saturday morning I took a trip to the shops to buy new shelving and a Tea trolley. Lunch time on Saturday the task began. I demolished everything and the mess was intense.

However, by Sunday night I had a lovely, clean and organised studio. There is still a little bit of work to be done, and I’m waiting for hobbycraft to make a lovely crafters trolley available again… and then it will be perfect!



AFTER (It’s much more specious in person)



Submit your questions…

Twinkle & Gloom would love to put together Q&A, please feel free to submit any questions you’d like to ask.聽 I’ll also include questions that people have often asked me through the years.


2017, summed up.

It’s that time of year again, where I remember that the blog needs updating. It was a very busy 2017. The year included lots of new experiences and more development in style, I tried to push Twinkle & Gloom forward and push myself harder. This year I aim to do the same, it’s always good to up your game!

Here’s are a few images that sum up my 2017! The images include live drawing events, craft fairs, vinyl covers and art.

Thank you everyone who’s stuck with Twinkle & Gloom.

Film images

You may, or may not know that Twinkle & Gloom also likes to dabble with a bit of photography. Photography is my creative hobby, because Art is my job I like to keep my photography to one side as no-pressure fun. My favourite subject to photograph is fragile nature and florals, but I also like to take photos of whimsical objects or fabrics.

I think the feeling I try to evoke in my images are feelings of nostalgia. Here’s a selection of photos that I recently took using a 35mm film camera. The images below also feature images of my own Artwork that can be seen on display in Conwy, North Wales.

I’ll be blogging again with some images I took today using a digital camera- I experimented with some ladies tights in order to capture a delicate tone.

Getting inky.

If you’ve read my recent posts you’ll see that I’ve been embracing drawing ink and experimenting with it a little. Although I’ve had great fun and splendid results, I’ve been left feeling uninspired in the past couple of weeks. I think it’s because I want to embrace my dark side a little more at the moment. Today I finally had a little breakthrough after experimenting with white drawing ink. I’m really loving the ghostly effect. It took a white to get used to, because it doesn’t work in quite the same way as black ink does.

My nickname in school was “ghost” so maybe I’ll play on this idea a little more 馃槈

I’ve also experimented with introducing glitter to the images, I was unsure about how it would scan but it actually looks really pretty.

glitter headhalo

Experimenting with ink and triangles

Hello. In the past week I’ve been playing with more ideas so I can introduce new imagery to some of my pieces, to keep everything fresh and to frame some of my girls a little.

Most of my pieces are simple girls that are cut out on photoshop and placed on crisp white backgrounds, but some ideas feel like they need a little extra element. Over the last few days I managed to create some really nice results.

Here are a few good results;


Yesterday i even had a go at a really, really impulsive piece that turned out a little Abstract in places, but I really love it. Twinkle has really been looking to explore more darkness recently, and I think black ink is always a good place to start, so I might have some more time for a few more abstract pieces soon.

abstract web.jpg

Live Illustration at the RCA, Conwy.

On May the 20th, 2017 Twinkle & Gloom participated in some live drawing for the ‘Nova’ launch at the RCA, Conwy. The task involved filling in two large boards in the space of a couple of hours. Working on other boards was Artist, Doodles’n’Drips.

Apart from my participation in Welsh tv show ‘Y Lle’, I haven’t really drawn on a large scale since College. Looking at those big blank boards was daunting but once I got a few lines down it started to feel less so. I started with a piece inspired by the phrase ‘deary me’, a deery girl. I think this piece was less emotional and a little stiffer, because I was so nervous. The second piece came together quicker as I had gained more confidence with the scale and materials. This piece was about strength within and female friendship, the moon was an after thought. Overall I feel really positive about my creations, and it made me feel really good when people came to pass comment.

My Studio in the sun

My studio has been extra organized this year. It’s been really nice to have the studio ready for action every day. I can sit down, put on some ‘The Smiths’ or some ‘Sigur Ros’ and get started right away.

Over the last few years the studio wasn’t quite working for me. I was stuck in my ways of where everything was kept because it was aesthetically pleasing (and under the desks were packed with hoardings) but I never had any space to sit down and draw. This would make my back ache after every session. Now, I have a desk I can sit at, and draw all day without any back pain.

In the photo below you’ll see a letter Reece Shearsmith kindly wrote to me after I sent him some Prints, and some drawings to sign. It keeps me going when I feel like giving up. It can be difficult in the creative field, one day you feel confident in your work, but the next you feel hopeless. Inspiration can be a fickle thing. So a nice little note from one of my all time creative heroes gives me a boost when I’m feeling glum.

Around me are my working tools, my mountains of tester paints and a collection of odds and ends. I have weird little dolls, Vintage cameras, tea cups and pots, Vintage tins and all sorts of other bits and bobs. One of my most precious items in the studio is my Taid’s shaving cabinet. It sits above my sewing machine. It was just one of those things I couldn’t part with, having looked into that mirror since my childhood. Now it helps me out in the studio.

I love working in my lovely studio.


J贸nsi doodles, and seeing Sigur R贸s live.

I don’t often post twice in one day, I don’t often post full stop. At the moment I’m counting down the days until I see my favourite band,聽Sigur R贸s play live (they’re now at equal level with my first love The Smiths). I was a little late to the party, but ever since I was introduced to them they’ve been played endlessly, they came to me at the time I probably needed them the most, when my Taid’s well being started to deteriorate. They’ve been with me through some sad times but have filled my heart with all kinds of emotions along that way. J贸nsi’s voice in particular has the most powerful effect on me, his voice alone makes me weep, in a nice way.

So, anyway. I often binge on their music when I’m working in the studio and often get the impulse to draw something related to them. I always find myself doodling J贸nsi, partly I think because it was his solo music that introduced me to the band, and also because he reminds me of Peter Pan.

Here’s my latest, and my most successful doodle. Clearly, it’s if J贸nsi was from my Twinkle & Gloom world.

Oh… and only 129 days to go.

jonsi doodle.jpg