New Moon…

Here are some of Twinkle & Gloom’s recent pieces. Recently I’ve been embracing more magic, girl power and friendship in my pieces. See more via my Instagram!


New year, New workspace

My studio was hand built by my dad and I. It’s in my parents garden, and I share it with him. As time goes on, as my style evolves and my methods change, my half of the studio often needs a re shuffle to make it easier to work in. Over time this has included adding extension upon extension on my desk… which also means there’s space to hoard under the desks. Unfortunately, getting in there last week showed me that my workspace had become dysfunctional and it was a task to juggle things around in order to create my work… so a change was needed.

10.30pm/11pm Friday night my brain started kicking in and the brainwaves began. Saturday morning I took a trip to the shops to buy new shelving and a Tea trolley. Lunch time on Saturday the task began. I demolished everything and the mess was intense.

However, by Sunday night I had a lovely, clean and organised studio. There is still a little bit of work to be done, and I’m waiting for hobbycraft to make a lovely crafters trolley available again… and then it will be perfect!



AFTER (It’s much more specious in person)


2017, summed up.

It’s that time of year again, where I remember that the blog needs updating. It was a very busy 2017. The year included lots of new experiences and more development in style, I tried to push Twinkle & Gloom forward and push myself harder. This year I aim to do the same, it’s always good to up your game!

Here’s are a few images that sum up my 2017! The images include live drawing events, craft fairs, vinyl covers and art.

Thank you everyone who’s stuck with Twinkle & Gloom.

Film images

You may, or may not know that Twinkle & Gloom also likes to dabble with a bit of photography. Photography is my creative hobby, because Art is my job I like to keep my photography to one side as no-pressure fun. My favourite subject to photograph is fragile nature and florals, but I also like to take photos of whimsical objects or fabrics.

I think the feeling I try to evoke in my images are feelings of nostalgia. Here’s a selection of photos that I recently took using a 35mm film camera. The images below also feature images of my own Artwork that can be seen on display in Conwy, North Wales.

I’ll be blogging again with some images I took today using a digital camera- I experimented with some ladies tights in order to capture a delicate tone.

Getting inky.

If you’ve read my recent posts you’ll see that I’ve been embracing drawing ink and experimenting with it a little. Although I’ve had great fun and splendid results, I’ve been left feeling uninspired in the past couple of weeks. I think it’s because I want to embrace my dark side a little more at the moment. Today I finally had a little breakthrough after experimenting with white drawing ink. I’m really loving the ghostly effect. It took a white to get used to, because it doesn’t work in quite the same way as black ink does.

My nickname in school was “ghost” so maybe I’ll play on this idea a little more 😉

I’ve also experimented with introducing glitter to the images, I was unsure about how it would scan but it actually looks really pretty.

glitter headhalo

Experimenting with ink and triangles

Hello. In the past week I’ve been playing with more ideas so I can introduce new imagery to some of my pieces, to keep everything fresh and to frame some of my girls a little.

Most of my pieces are simple girls that are cut out on photoshop and placed on crisp white backgrounds, but some ideas feel like they need a little extra element. Over the last few days I managed to create some really nice results.

Here are a few good results;


Yesterday i even had a go at a really, really impulsive piece that turned out a little Abstract in places, but I really love it. Twinkle has really been looking to explore more darkness recently, and I think black ink is always a good place to start, so I might have some more time for a few more abstract pieces soon.

abstract web.jpg

Taika Waititi doodles// favourite films.

Hello there.

This is just a quick post in order to share a little Taika Waititi tribute. These are just doodles really, nothing spectacular but just something fun to pass some time whilst being creative.

It was only earlier this year that I discovered the work of Taika Waititi, yes I know, as always I’m late to the party. It was through Netflix that I first saw ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ and fell in love. It was the perfect film, it ticked every box. It really didn’t take long before I could absolutely say that Waititi was my favourite film maker. I quickly hunted down his other three features and have been watching them repeatedly ever since. I can usually find faults in films, even ones I love, but not these films. They are perfect from start to finish.

There is so much heart in all of them. I think for me what really hits hard for me when I watch them is that each one deals with death in some form, and it’s something I’ve been dealing with myself in the last year and a half. Boy, Eagle vs Shark and Hunt for the Wilderpeople each make me shed a tear, every time. Truly beautiful films, filled with creativity. They are so refreshing. I hear he’s directing the new Thor film, and all the best to him… but what I’m really looking forward to is his next small budget project.

Here’s the doodles. I really like the Wilderpeople segment of it.